Which is Better? LCD, LED LCD or Plasma?

I have heard countless debates on which is better:  LED LCD, Plasma or LCD.  It’s just like the perpetual issue of iPhones vs. Androids.  The answer is quite simple, whichever one suits you the best, is the best!  However, there are situational factors such as; price, light, picture quality and room size, that may attract you to one product over the other based on your lifestyle.  With the expertise of one of Calgary’s best audio-visual companies, Alberta Pro Group, we will compare these technologies so you can decide which is best for you.  Read on to learn more about these products!

LED LCD TVs take the cake on being the brightest television option for consumers.  Plasmas are the losers in this race.  Plasmas are not dim and dull by any means; they’re just simply not as bright as LED LCDs.  LED LCDs are comparable to movie theatre brightness, which is very impressive, but not always necessary.  Plasmas are better suited for darker rooms since LCDs can almost be too bright in that environment.  So determine how much ambient light is in your TV room prior to a purchase.  Speaking of light, plasmas offer the best black out level of the three products.  This means plasmas show a better contrast between the darkest part of an image and the lightest part, producing a better picture quality.  If you are concerned with the quality of images, you may prefer plasmas.   

When it comes to energy consumption, LED LCDs and traditional LCDs will save you money.  So if you are more of the tree-hugger or a penny-pincher, LCDs are your best bet.  As far as price is concerned, traditional LCD TVs are the most affordable, followed by plasmas and then LED LCDs are typically most expensive.  So depending on your budget, this will help dictate your choice.  In terms of lifespan and longevity, all three of these TVs will last around the same time.  

Depending on the shape or design of your TV room may determine which television is best for the space.  For instance, plasmas offer great viewing angles no matter where you’re situated in front of the screen.  LED LCDs and LCDs lose picture quality when viewed at from an angle.  So unless you’re going to watch from directly in front of the screen, plasmas may be your best bet.      

The bottom line is, there are plenty of televisions available today with many different features, sizes, costs, bells and whistles.  And the best part is, there really isn’t a wrong answer.  Understanding which features will work best in your home and your pocketbook is most important.  If you have any questions regarding which TV or flat screen should be installed in your Calgary home, call the audio-visual experts at Alberta Pro Group today at 1.855.333.1223.