The iBeacon: Revolutionizing Consumers and How we Shop

Imagine you’re walking around the mall and suddenly you receive a notification that your favorite jeans just went on sale, then being able to purchase them immediately from your smartphone.  Due to your proximity to your favorite jeans, the iBeacon read your location and alerted you to the discount.   Pretty snazzy technology!  If you were browsing around the Apple store, looking at the latest iPhones, the iBeacon would recognize that you had an older iphone and would send you an alert inquiring about a phone upgrade.  Are you freaked out?  iBeacons are location transmitters that match your location to App information on your mobile devices.  Calgary’s best security company, Alberta Pro Installations, thinks there are a few things you need to know about this innovative transmitter so that you’re an informed consumer.


1) iBeacons require inexpensive sensors and use Bluetooth Low Energy.  This energy is a new form of Bluetooth innovation that permits two way communications between devices.  So a consumer can have a device as well as a retailer and they will communicate with one another within certain parameters.  The closer the iBeacons are the more information is passed between them all by using low amounts of energy.

2) iBeacons provide companies with your actions.  Companies can see where you are in a store, how you shop, what you’re shopping for and how long you’re thinking about your purchase. Then they can send you messages and coupons or alert you to upcoming deals based on your history in their store.    U.S. department store, Macy’s, plans to install transmitters that will track shoppers around the store and offer discounts based on those movements.  Then, the iBeacon will connect shopping from Macy’ with their in store visits.

3) iBeacons are creating a more structured shopping experience.  If you walk into a store with iBeacon, you can not only receive immediate coupons, but you can also get directions to an item in the exact spot of the store.  If the store is out of stock, iBeacon will lead you to similar items in stock.  iBeacons are available in the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY and once you walk in, you will be alerted to upgradable seats at a discount. 


There is of course, like most things, a concern with personal privacy and the iBeacon technology.  Apple assures customers that iBeason is a location device that sends out information and only receives minimal amounts.  It’s the apps on your smartphone that will communicate with iBeacons and send additional information to retailers.  Calgary’s expert security installation company, Alberta Pro Installations, wants you to know the facts about this impressive technology whether you’re a small or large business, or an everyday consumer.  If you have questions about the iBeacon or need to speak with a security company here in Calgary, call Alberta Pro Installations today at 1-855-333-1223.