The Importance of Video in Commercial Web Conferencing

Overview: The rise of web and network conferencing is not only audio based – video now plays a huge part. But why? Sure it seems obvious that having both video and audio is better than just audio, but why is it such a big deal for generations brought up using cell phones and land lines? Let's find out.

It seems that the popularity of video in web conferencing is not just chance – it's being demanded by today's workforce. In a world that has become so comfortable with audio communication, or even just written communication, it's interesting that video has become so necessary for businesses looking to integrate a web conferencing system. Here are some of the reasons why:

The Rise in Telecommuting

The advancements in Internet technology have only made it easier to telecommute and employee communication plays a big part in the success or failure of a company using telecommuters. While text messages or email can get the job done in terms of communication, there's nothing quite like video to really engage with an out-of-office staff member. In fact, the stability of network connections and improvements in video calling software have allowed quick conversations to be had with the same ease as turning to the person next to you. No longer are remote workers settling for basic and sometimes easy to misunderstand email communication, they are looking to video as a standard method to engage with their fellow employees.

The Millennial Influence

Another huge reason why video has become a required standard in the web conferencing industry is that younger generations are starting to make up notable portions of company staff. These millennials have grown up with the Internet and are very comfortable using apps like YouTube and Skype. Because of this, the social barrier that would otherwise inhibit the use of video communications and video conferencing for some older employees is becoming less of a factor. In fact, younger generations often view video communication as a necessity for engaging and working with their fellow out-of-office employees.

So, How Important is Video?

There are a couple of reasons why video has become such a necessity in web conferencing, and some have been listed above. But how important actually is video? In short, video is essential. There is so much room for miscommunication and misunderstandings with text based web services like email or chat that having access to a video feed makes a huge difference. A couple of years ago the technology of devices and network infrastructure simply didn't allow for the effective use of video services but now that it is a practical method of communication, it simply must be used.

Bottom Line: With the increase in telecommuting and the rise in millennial employees, video conferencing for web communications is now the required standard. Is this a good thing? Yes! Utilizing video in the workplace is a great way to increase employee engagement and to help your staff gel as a team, no matter where they are located.

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