Save Money By Investing in a Home Theatre System

So which is better, going out to the movie theatre or creating a movie theatre in the comfort and safety of your own home?  Alberta Pro Group, Calgary’s Audio Visual Installation specialists wanted to shed some light on this issue and explain some of the massive benefits to creating a personalized home theatre in your home.  


Let us look at what a movie theatre experience will cost you and a friend.  An adult movie ticket will cost anywhere from $10-15 per person.  Then, who goes to the movies without getting a large bucket of popcorn, candy and a substantial amount of pop?  So, tally up that bill and you’re sitting at about $50. Assuming that it is only you and your date and you shared everything.  Once you have your movie treats, you walk into the theatre to find your seats.  Many other patrons make it difficult for you to reach your destination since they don’t stand up to let you walk through the aisle.  Finally, you’re sitting down in your seats and one of the year’s most critically acclaimed movies is beginning.   You’re interrupted by the family behind you yelling at their kids to be quiet, but all that child cares about doing is wrecking havoc on the back of your chair and crying.  Then the pack of high school girls in front you insist on texting and taking selfies for the first thirty minutes of the show.  Not to mention, at least one cell phone rings halfway through the movie.  After a few trips to the movie theatre with similar interruptions such as these, you may find yourself irritated to say the very least. 


Let’s look at this from a different and new angle, shall we?  Imagine your living room or basement is set up as a miniature Calgary home theatre, fully equipped with comfortable chairs or your favourite couch.  You can sit wherever you want and pyjamas are always the encouraged attire for all viewers.  While in the comfort of your Calgary home theatre, you can enjoy any movie snacks that you want!  Homemade popcorn always taste better than anything a high school kid makes at the theatre.  You don’t have to sneak in your favourite candy or booze here, the world is your oyster at home.  If you have a disturbance, you can simply hit pause on your remote control and not miss a minute of the movie.  Best of all, you have total control over who is welcome in your Calgary home theatre.  


Most people believe that setting up a home theatre is too costly and solely a luxury for the wealthy.  This is no longer the case!  Where some home theatre projectors can cost upwards of $10k, there are plenty of more affordable options that most Calgarians can justify and enjoy.  Many of these options are comparable to having a flat screen installation in Calgary.  There are several Calgary home theatre projectors and set-ups available today that are priced at an all time low! 


You can avoid the annoying situations that always occur in movie theatres; save your movie ticket and popcorn money and invest in your own personalized home theatre experience.  If you are interested in learning about the various types of home theatre set-ups available in Calgary, call the audio-visual experts, Alberta Pro Group, today at 1.855.333.1223.