Pros and Cons of Projector Screens


We all love watching our favourite movies and shows in the comfort of our homes and typically the bigger the better when it comes to the screen that we’re watching.  For those of us that strive to create the perfect living room theatre, there are a couple items to consider before you make any purchases.  One of Calgary’s best audio visual companies, Alberta Pro Group, wants to give you the full run down on projector screens and their installation versus traditional flat screens.  


We’ll begin by discussing projector screens advantages.  They are obviously quite large and present images that are actually larger than life.  Having projector screens installed, allows you and your family to truly experience your favourite shows.  You can watch Stanley cup finals on a 12-foot wide screen!  I suppose the downside here is that due to the size of your screen, you will undoubtedly be nominated as permanent host for all future sporting events.  Another benefit to setting up a projector screen in your home theatre is that they are easier on your eyes.  Since they take up a large amount of your field of vision and have a lower concentration of brightness they are less harsh on your eyes. Another advantage is that projector screens are hung from the  ceiling and only need to be pulled down when you are actually using them.


One disadvantage of having a projector screen is that the amount of light present in the room  must be carefully controlled as even minute amounts of light can interfere with picture quality.  Another issue with projector screens is the lamp apparatus.  This lamp is used to generate the projector’s light.  It typically only lasts about 12 months, so you should be prepared to replace it annually.  Also, keep in mind that projector screens are not really TVs and therefore they do not come equipped with speakers or a tuner.  So you will need to purchase these items separately.  Lastly, projector screens require a different type of installation than typical TVs.  


There are certainly wonderful aspects to installing a projector screen in your Calgary home theatre system as well as enjoying traditional flat screens too.  There’s no right or wrong answer here, your decision on which to install depends entirely on your preference and lifestyle.  If you are renovating or contemplating a Calgary home theatre set up, call the experts at Alberta Pro Group at 1.855.333.1223 today.  They can answer any questions or concerns you may have about all visual installations in Calgary.