Designing the Perfect Calgary Videoconference Boardroom

King Arthur and his knights held their meetings and made decisions around the infamous roundtable. Fast-forward to 2015, the modern equivalent to the roundtable is the boardroom. The majority of important decisions, pitches and meetings in corporate Calgary take place in boardrooms with videoconferencing capabilities. Continue reading this week’s blog to find out how which factors need consideration when planning and installing your videoconference boardroom.

Décor, lighting and material are the three factors that need to be considered when designing a boardroom. While artwork may seem like a good idea, depending on the content it may distract meeting participants. In the case of audio visual presentations or video conferencing artwork can also create unnecessary glare on video screens. Another source of glare that can overcome the brightness of display screens is windows. The ideal boardroom will have very few windows if any at all.

In addition to natural light, the quality of indoor lighting also has an effect on the quality of your commercial visual installation. Ultimately you don’t want any light directed at the camera lens or the video screen of your projector or flat screen. You primarily want balanced lighting in your boardroom with minimal shadowing.

Where as lighting can affect video images, materials in your boardroom can cause reverberation and echoes from your audio equipment. The following materials for boardrooms will absorb sound the best:

      - Carpet
      - Draperies
      - Fabric covered blinds
      - Fabric walls
      - Sound-proofing tiles (for ceilings)

Depending on the size of your videoconference room, you need to find the optimal placement for microphones. Small to average sized boardrooms have microphones placed in the center; however, larger conference rooms may require several inputs, which can be installed on walls or the ceiling. Microphones also need to be installed or placed away from speakers to avoid any feedback. There are a lot of factors that need to be balanced when designing a boardroom. Alberta Pro Group always examines the décor, lighting and material before any installation to ensure that its clients always have the perfect board experience.

Some companies believe that they need to convert their boardroom into a home theatre and forget to realize that videoconferencing is a two-way communication system. Your boardroom and the subsequent pitches that are hosted there, can affect your bottom line. Your team and your business can greatly benefit from a well thought out boardroom setup that has state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment installed by the experts at Alberta Pro Group. Call us today in Calgary at 1-855-333-1223.