Audio Strikes Back! The Key to Surround Sound

You’ve just installed a new curved screen television and invited all your friends over to watch a movie. Everyone is envious of your new big screen, that is, until the movie you’re watching sounds like an old 1960’s AM radio. In the home theatre world, that’s a major buzz kill! Audio is a key component to any home theatre system and in many cases it can steal the spotlight. Continue reading this week’s blog to find out how audio can revolutionize your home theatre.


The basic audio equipment your home theatre requires is a receiver, speakers and quality wiring. It’s best to have professionals like Alberta Pro Group to examine your space before purchasing a receiver. For example, if you live in a condo, you won’t need a receiver that has 110 watts per channel. Since movies, television shows and live sports are all filmed with specific audio capabilities, you will want a receiver that will maximize the sound outputs. A good receiver will have options for Dolby Digital, THX, 5.1 and 7.1 surround settings, just to name a few.


We’ve all wanted surround sound since the first time we’ve experienced it. Proper surround sound requires at least 5 speakers. The biggest speakers are often the tower speakers found at the left/right of your television screen. Any dialogue you hear in a movie is sent through the center channel, which is found above or below the television. The rear surround sound speakers are placed in the back of your room, preferably behind where people are sitting. Many homes mistakenly place rear surround speakers directly beside where they are seated. To achieve 5.1 surround sounds, you require a subwoofer and for 7.1, you require 2 additional speakers placed at the sides of a living room. To truly hear high-end sound, you need to have quality speaker wire and HDMI cables to/from the receiver. To view high definition movies and television, you require HDMI cables, which carry high-definition images and sound. Component cables do offer good sound quality; however, you don’t receive the full capable audio signal.


Compliment your big screen with a state-of-the-art sound system and complete your home theatre! To find out more how Alberta Pro Group can revolutionize your home by installing a home theatre system, contact us today in Calgary at 1-855-333-1223.