Amplify Your Knowledge of Amplifiers

Like most things, amplifiers come in various forms and sizes depending on their expected output and power.  Continue reading as Alberta Pro Group explains everything you need to know about amplifiers. 

What is an amplifier? To put it simply, an amplifier is small device that receives signals from a source and then generates an amplified copy of the original signal.  So if you attach an amplifier to your guitar, the amp will receive every chord or “signal” that you play and then duplicate them in a louder and more powerful fashion.

How are amplifiers classified? Amps come in a variety of classes based on their circuit construction and mode of operation.  These classes are determined by the size of signal received, how they process the signal and their efficiency. 

Does more watts equal more power?  Not the way you think.  If you purchase an amp with 200 Watts, you would think it produces 2 times the amount of volume of a 100 Watt amp, right?  Nope, it takes more than that.  Sound is measured in decibels and as decibels increase, so does volume.  For an amplifier to actually to double volume, it must produce 10 times the original amount of wattage.  So, if you have a 100 Watt amp and you want to double the volume, it will require 1,000 Watts. 

Other factors to consider when purchasing amplifiers are:

  • Distortion:  The amount of excess noise produced at high volume levels
  • Signal to Noise Ratio (S/N): this ratio measures the amount of sound against background noise
  • Power Continuation: How long an amplifier can produce full power
  • Headroom: or your amp’s ability to support changes or peaks in volume or intense sound effects – especially important home theatre and musical amps

As you can tell, the specifications concerning amps can be very technical.  Before you make any purchases, make sure that you understand the pros & cons of each amp and which features will compliment your needs best.

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