5 Things You Didn’t Know About OLED TVs

Plasma, LED, Smart TV, LCD, – it’s hard to keep up with all the new technology on the market but as consumers, that’s part of the fun.  And as one of Calgary’s top audio visual companies, it’s our pleasure to give our take on the latest and greatest in home theatre technology.

What is OLED?  OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode.  OLEDs fall under the umbrella of LCD technology, but instead utilize organic elements (Carbon) to create images with very limited back-lighting.  This technology allows for images to be displayed on very thin screens; much thinner than its LCD and Plasma predecessors.  Some other interesting facts about OLEDs are:

1. Energy Efficiency
OLED Panels are extremely thin and require no backlight. This makes them more lightweight and energy efficient.

2. Black Level
The ability to produce deep, dark blacks is the most important factor in achieving excellent picture quality. Deeper blacks allow for higher contrast and richer colors. The result is a more realistic image. LED and Plasma cannot compete with OLED in this arena.

3. Burnt in Images
Like Plasma TVs, OLEDs create their own light and if you leave a still image on your screen for too long, it may be permanently burnt into the screen.

4. Cost and Lifespan
OLED displays currently have a shorter shelf-life than LCD or Plasma and are more expensive.  Cost really plays a factor in the larger screen TVs, but you get what you pay for; OLEDs allow for screens to be larger, lighter and they hold consistent color from all angles.

5. Image Quality
OLEDs have the highest rated screen images available today.

Before you buy your next TV, make sure you have all the facts and have reviewed all the available options out there.  If you have any questions about flat screens or need help with installation and upgrading your Calgary home theatre, give Alberta Pro Group a call today!

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